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Fancy Bedroom Preset by Neyjour Fancy Bedroom Preset by Neyjour
Fancy Bedroom Preset

* Includes 2 versions: 1 with and 1 without the cat.

Made for the 25 Days of Christmas (Dundjinni Users 2012 Giveaway)

:bulletred: For non-commercial use only.
:bulletred: Sharing/redistribution of this file is permitted as long as you do not alter the zip or its contents in any way.
:bulletred: Mods intended for sharing/redistribution are permitted, but you must credit me and send me a link so I can see what you've done.
:bulletred: Mods that are shared/redistributed must also state that they are for non-commercial use only.

It's not required, but I would love it if you could send me a link to any maps you make with this.
I'd really like to see how they're used, and add the links here so others can too.
You can leave a comment here, send a deviantART note, or an email. :)

Curtains by Jgovernale - Dundjinni forum
Louie XV Tables by Raven_Starhawke - Dundjinni forum
Connahaill Furniture by R.S. Robertson - Dundjinni forum
Fancy Castle Bench by greytale - Dundjinni forum
Bookshelf by supercaptain - Dundjinni forum
Potted Plants by Steel Rat - RPGMapShare
Brown Rug by R.S. Robertson - Dundjinni forum
Chest by Bogie - Dundjinni forum
Pirate Hat by ProBono - Dundjinni forum
Boots by surfbored - Dundjinni forum
Paper by ftourini - deviantART
Quill & Inkpot by supercaptain - Dundjinni forum
Jewelry Box by Bogie - Dundjinni forum
Candlestick by r-kelleg - Dundjinni forum
Torch by supercaptain - Dundjinni forum
Sissors by Metajock - Dundjinni forum
Hairbrush by GroovyDave - Dundjinni forum
Nice Pillow - Dundjinni forum
Drinking Horn by r-kelleg - Dundjinni forum
Fence Rails by Bogie - Dundjinni forum
The King's Chamber by Redhouse Studios - DAZ Productions
Guinevere's Bower - DAZ Productions
RPG Map Elements 39: Decorative Vase by Neyjour - deviantART
RPG Map Elements 40: Evil Kitties Nico by Neyjour - deviantART
RPG Map Elements 41: Flower Vase by Neyjour - deviantART
RPG Map Elements 54: Trinket & Pill Boxes by Neyjour - deviantART

~Poser 7
~Paint Shop Pro 8
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Arlesienne Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Lovely, but can you give me the links to stocks please? Thanks in advance :).
Neyjour Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks.  :) 

If you'd like to get the resources I used for this (and all the others you asked about as well), they're all listed in my comments above, under "CREDITS".  It gives you the name of each resource, the creator, and where I got them from.  :)
Bogie-DJ Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Excellent!! I get a kick out of the fact that the only option is "With or Without Cat!" I understand the reasoning, but I still find it humorous. I'll take my bedroom without cats, thanks!
Neyjour Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL!! Thanks. :D

Yeah, not everyone likes cats...or wants them on their bed. Heh. :P :lol:
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December 6, 2012
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