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October 28, 2012
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Cinderashe Core by Neyjour Cinderashe Core by Neyjour

Cinderashe Core © Christina Roberts (Neyjour) 2012

Something a little creepy and sinister for Halloween! :)

If you'd like to play on this, the zip download contains the full-rez versions (2050x2550), with and without grid.
Grid squares = 100x100 pix

Update: 03/02/2013 - The zip file is now updated to include a gridless version.

:bulletred: Free to use for personal non-commercial purposes only.
:bulletred: Redistribution is NOT permitted. Please direct others to my deviantART gallery if they would like to download it.
:bulletred: My maps are NOT stock. Do not alter, manipulate, chop up, extract pieces, etc., and redistribute as your own work.
(If I find more instances of this happening, my maps will no longer be made available for free use.)

SoilCracked texture by Jacobo Cortés Ferreira - CGTextures
Magma Cooling texture by Drake-Stock - deviantART
Rubble Piles by Steel Rat - RPGMapShare
Dead Grass by Traveler - RuntimeDNA
Hollow Treestump by surfbored - MusicalQuests CSUAC
Raven by Summoner - Dundjinni forum
Creepers by surfbored - Dundjinni forum
Temple Ruins by Hankster - DAZ Productions
Stone Coffin & Pedestal by Danie, Marforno & Abraham - DAZ Productions
Gray Cliffs by Bludragn - Dundjinni forum
Gargoyle Statue by Greytale - Greytale's Nook
Fire Basket by Greytale - Greytale's Nook


~Poser 7
~Paint Shop Pro 8
Bogie-DJ Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
Excellent, very creepy!
Neyjour Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
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